Country: Algeria

TEK2HUB is an algerian incubator based in the southern city of Bechar (1000km from Algiers), TEK2HUB has demonstrated a strong commitment to the development of the Algerian start-up ecosystem, through the detection and support of entrepreneurs in the digital, agri-food and recycling industries.

Title: Orange Corners Erbil

Country: Iraq

Orange Corners Erbil is a start-up incubator helping entrepreneurs from the Kurdistan Region to launch and grow their businesses. We provide male and female entrepreneurs with training, mentorship, skills and access to markets. Our goal is to develop and support the ecosystem in the region so entrepreneurs can achieve their dreams and at the same time help the local market grow. Orange Corners Erbil provides young entrepreneurs with a 6-month incubation programme to establish a business and take this to the local market.

Title: The VentureX – HASSAD AgriFoodTech Accelerator

Country: Jordan

HASSAD AgriFoodTech Accelerator provides a business acceleration program designed for the next generation of Agritech and Agrifood businesses on local, regional, and international levels. The accelerator aims to support startups and SMEs that are solving the pain points and producing innovative solutions in this endlessly growing sector from all around the world. HASSAD aims to be a catalyst for the development of the agricultural sector and work collectively with key industry players to establish an open lab environment to support innovative and scalable businesses.

Title: Berytech

Country: Lebanon

Berytech is an ecosystem for entrepreneurs, providing a dynamic environment for the creation and development of startups and SMEs, fostering innovation, technology and entrepreneurship in Lebanon. Since 2002, Berytech has housed more than 350 entities, assisted more than 4,200 entrepreneurs, and helped create more than 3,400 job opportunities in Lebanon.

Title: Hadina RIMTIC

Country: Mauritania

Hadina Rimtic is an incubator – accelerator, for technology & Innovation projects at Mauritania

Title: Agribusiness Accelerator

Country: Palestine

Launched in 2016, the Agribusiness Accelerator targets to invest in 4-5 successful and scalable startup businesses each year and we bring agriculture players, investors, universities, and advisors to help our startup entrepreneurs adopt new techniques and technologies that can lead to successful agricultural business growth. The mission of the Agribusiness Accelerator Nonprofit Company is to develop and invest in innovative agricultural projects and turn them into successful and scalable start-up enterprises.

Title: WeHub

Country: Sudan

Wehub is a business center specialized in providing different co-working spaces for different types of businesses or individuals. Wehub strives to put high performance, resilience, and wellbeing first, creating a harmounious, vibrant environment where people and companies can connect and achieve their highest potential.

Title: JCI-Damascus

Country: Syria

JCI is an international network of active youth citizens, their age between 18 and 40 years old, spreaded internationally through 5000 local chambers in more than 120 countries around the world. JCI aimed to provide development opportunities to enable youth for creating positive change in their societies.

Title: Ceed Tunisia

Country: Tunisia

CEED (Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development) Tunisia is a member of the international network of CEED, a US non-governmental organization that supports entrepreneurs in developing their businesses in emerging markets. CEED Tunisia was created in 2014 by the founding members: the president Mrs. Aouatef Elloumi el Ghoul, by the vice-president Mrs. Abir Matmati and by the treasurer Mrs. Jihene ben Fadhel and profited from the Small Business Fund ( SEAF) as well as the USAID Fund. CEED Tunisia is part of a large international network of exploitation and entrepreneurship in the world. Its mission is to provide entrepreneurs with the know-how and networks they need to accelerate the growth of their businesses and to promote a general entrepreneurial culture.

Title: Small Micro Enterprise Promotion Service

Country: Yemen

The Small and Micro Enterprise Service (SMEPS) was first established in Yemen in 2005 believing in development and positive change. SMEPS is the subsidiary of the Social Fund for Development (SFD) which is considered one of the biggest leading national organizations working in development since 1997. The SFD contributes to achieving and aligning its programs with the goals of the national social and economic development plans for poverty education.