Animal Protein / Morocco

RevoFeed a Moroccan Tech-provider has developed a bioconversion technology able to turn waste into protein and fertilizers, using insects. In a fully controlled environment and using in-house developed machinery, agri-food “waste” is pre-processed to formulate the perfect mixture to feed an army of Black Soldier Fly Larvae. Our AI bot tells us about the rearing conditions and predicts the health of the insects, anticipating all major performance issues. After 2 weeks we process the larvae into premium feed ingredients (Protein and Lipids), while the insect manure is transformed into soil Biofertilizer. RevoFeed aims to revolutionize the feed industry, by making it safer, greener, and more affordable.


Indoor Agriculture / Morocco

Jodoor is an Agtech startup willing to democratize controlled environment agriculture for Africa. We provide turnkey soilless farms that can produce 100+ varieties of organic vegetables while saving 80% water & fertilizers. This helps small and medium farmers to achieve sustainable revenues while reducing work penibility which also allows more women to have an active role in the agriculture sector.

Blue Filter

Agro Logistics / Palestine

The blue filter is an innovative filter for growers that allows the reduction of excess nitrates and pollutants in the water used for irrigation through the use of a mixture of plant seeds that are processed in environmentally friendly ways. As the water treatment process takes place without the need for any chemical additives or electrical energy by placing filters directly in the water basins, the project contributes to protecting the blue economy from deterioration through creativity and innovation in the water sector, as we succeeded in purifying the water by 98 percent. Percent of pollutants.


Manufacturing / Egypt

MicroFert is one of the driving startups in Egypt for agricultural biotechnology. Focusing on natural and sustainable agriculture by develops eco-friendly bio-products that designed to boost the crop productivity, enhance the soil fertility, bolster the plant growth and minimize the excessive use of chemical fertilizers. Through economic, safe and long-lived bio-fertilizers that subsidized the clean sustainable farming. Our solution that is represented in a liquid bio-based fertilizer, which support the plant with the essential nutrients as Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium and increase the crop productivity. In addition to the reduction of the hazard effects of chemical fertilizers on the environmental ecosystem (Soil, air, water, plant and animals).

Al-Sayyad Electromechanical

Manufacturing / Yemen

It is a company that seeks to provide locally made agricultural machines according to the needs of farmers through field trips to agricultural associations and farmers themselves and touches their needs in cooperation and coordination with the Bonyan Development Foundation. We went to several governorates and identified several machines with a need, and then we started working on some of them. We have an engineering and technical team as well Consultants and feasibility studies and studies of the local market are carried out before starting any project. Our goal is to serve farmers and provide machines that will help them to practice the farming process more easily and on a larger scale, and to provide agricultural machines at competitive prices for foreign products and with high quality and durability not less than their external counterparts.


Manufacturing / Mauritania

ANDI-AGRO is a nutrition and agri-food distribution company, Carried by young people, whose objective is to develop locally an agri-food processing industry to supply the national or even sub-regional market with high-quality food products, Easy to use, rich and strengthened in vitamins and minerals. Challenging all competition, our products are aligned with international standards, designed to meet the nutritional needs of consumers of different ages, accessible and presented in sophisticated packaging. A pioneer in this field in Mauritania, our initiative aims to improve the value chain of agricultural products, boost local agriculture, promote job creation, especially young and female, to generate income and to improve/strengthen the nutritional and nutritional status of the population.


Farm Management / Sudan takes pride in being the first Sudanese equity crowdfunding platform. Our vision is to support the entrepreneurship ecosystem by enabling broad groups of investors, angel investors, and financial institutional firms to fund early-stage businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in return for equity. Leveraging on our team’s diverse experience in Technology, Business development, and financial services, aims to act as an alternative funding solution to traditional sources such as banks and venture capital firms. Launched the Alpha version in August 2022.


Agro Logistics / Tunisia

INNOV’ALGUE is a company that valorizes marine algae as luxury products with an impact on waste recycling and the environment. The excess of marine algae in the Tunisian lagoons present a source of pollution and waste, INNOV’ALGUE uses this waste as raw materials to create luxury products. INNOV’ALGUE presents two different product lines: – A range of natural algae products for pets containing: litters, grooming products and food products – A range of cosmetics and natural makeup based on algae. Prototypes of all the products are already ready and a customer satisfaction survey has been carried out with the distribution of free samples and the results are positive. At this stage, INNOV’ALGUE seeks to raise funds to start production.


Waste Technology / Sudan

Nawara provides natural, high-quality oils and butter from local Sudanese plants for cosmetics. To drive sustainability, it uses agricultural waste like mango seed, baobab seed, roselle seed, etc. Nawara utilizes technologies that retain nutrients and natural benefits to make effective personal care products while maintaining an excellent economic balance.


Irrigation / Yemen

This company was born from the spirit of suffering and the solidarity of one team, in order to convert difficulties into opportunities, search for agricultural problems and find alternatives in line with the situation of farmers, who have exhausted the difficult living and financial situation. Target: Today, agricultural producers and investors aim to choose irrigation and equipment systems that meet their needs and achieve their maximum benefit from each part of the cultivated area, to ensure reduced operating costs and increase the return on investment. To achieve this goal, our engineers have developed the electronic irrigation system to control irrigation operations and meet the water needs and the variable elements of the crops.